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Moulin Rouge Cabaret Show Ticket with Champagne

Enjoy the famous cabaret show “Féerie” at one of the world’s most popular cabarets, The Moulin Rouge. 

You will witness the legendary cabaret of Paris, featuring a troop of 100 artists, including 60 Doris Girls, and a parade in 1,000 costumes of feathers, rhinestones, and sequins designed by Corrado Collabucci.

With this show ticket, you will also get half a bottle of Champagne to relish the moment of beauty and luxury. 

Enjoy your champagne while you see Gaetano Castelli’s set designs and listen to music by Pierre Porte, produced by 80 musicians and 60 chorus singers.

  • Entrance to the Moulin Rouge
  • Moulin Rouge cabaret “Féerie” Ticket
  • Half a bottle of Champagne
  • Service and tips
  • Witness stunning costumes with elaborate details like feathers, rhinestones, and sequins
  • See 60 talented performers sing and dance with passion in the famous “Féerie” show
  • Marvel at this Parisian landmark with over 130 years of history
  • Make memories over champagne while losing yourself in the dazzling excitement
  • Share an unforgettable evening with friends and family at this quintessential French cabaret

This ticket is available in 4 options, and the prices of every ticket option vary from each other.

Prices for Private Crazy Horseshoe

  • Adult Ticket (6 to 99 years): €205 (per person; 1 to 4 participants)
  • Adult Ticket (6 to 99 years): €150 (per person; 5 to 8 participants)
  • Children’s Ticket (up to 6 years): Not Allowed

Cancellation Policy

This ticket is non-refundable.

Dinner Show at the Moulin Rouge

There are several ways to book Paris cabaret tickets. You can get your Paris Cabaret tickets booked online or you can get your tickets from the ticket office outside the theater.

However, the best way to book your Paris Cabaret tickets is booking them online in advance.

Also, some online tickets for cabarets have package deals that include dinner and the show, which is an excellent way to save money and maximize the experience.

  • Watch a cabaret show at the iconic Moulin Rouge theater
  • Enjoy a nice dinner in a beautiful, vintage-style venue
  • See 60 performers put on an exciting cabaret show 
  • Appreciate the intricate, handmade costumes the dancers wear
  • Have an unforgettable night out with family, friends or your partner
  • Dine on authentic French cuisine from a selection of varied menus
  • Moulin Rouge Entrance
  • Moulin Rouge cabaret “Féerie” Ticket
  • Dinner from the selected menu (choose your preferred option while booking)
  • Half a bottle of Champagne or two soft drinks
  • Service and tips

Prices for Dinner Show with Belle Epoque Menu:

  • Adult Ticket (6 to 99 years): €231
  • Children Ticket (up to 6 years): Not Allowed

Dinner Show with Toulouse-Lautrec Menu

  • Adult Ticket (6 to 99 years): €235
  • Children Ticket (up to 6 years): Not Allowed

Dinner Show with Vegetarian Menu

  • Adult Ticket (6 to 99 years): €235
  • Children Ticket (up to 6 years): Not Allowed

Dinner Show with Vegan Menu

  • Adult Ticket (6 to 99 years): €235
  • Children Ticket (up to 6 years): Not Allowed

Dinner Show with Valentine’s Day Menu

  • Adult Ticket (6 to 99 years): €242
  • Children Ticket (up to 6 years): Not Allowed

Cancellation Policy

  • This ticket is non-refundable

Moulin Rouge Dinner Show with Champagne and Transport

Enjoy a luxurious evening in Paris as your ride awaits to take you to a fantastic evening of exquisite French dining with champagne, followed by a cabaret show at Moulin Rouge!

Then, get dropped back to the city center for a romantic stroll by the Seine!

This 4.5-hour all-inclusive evening at the legendary Moulin Rouge cabaret in Paris is preferred by visitors who want an evening of fun without any worries.

Enjoy a delicious 3-course dinner paired with champagne before the show.

Then, experience the dazzling, colorful world of the Moulin Rouge through their spectacular “Féerie” cabaret show. 

Lose yourself in the scenes and music as 80 musicians and 60 singers transport you to the Paris of the past.

After the show, use the drop-off service to easily get back to main areas like the Opera, Arc de Triomphe, Montparnasse, Eiffel Tower, or Bastille and follow through with your evening plans!

  • Enjoy a delicious three-course dinner with champagne
  • Admire the legendary theater Moulin Rouge
  • Watch the famous show “Féerie” and admire the art of Paris
  • Get transportation facilities from the center of Paris
  • Roundtrip transportation from the center of Paris
  • 3-course dinner and show at the Moulin Rouge
  • Belle Epoque menu
  • Half a bottle of champagne per person
  • Service of multilingual host
  • Adult Ticket (6 to 99 years): €320
  • Children’s Ticket (up to 6 years): Not Allowed

General Information About Moulin Rouge Tickets

  • Photography is prohibited inside the Moulin Rouge. 
  • Visitors should dress elegantly, avoiding shorts, athletic shoes, and casual athletic wear. 
  • While jackets and ties are not required, casual clothing is not permitted.
  • We strongly advise booking Moulin Rouge tickets well in advance, as shows often sell out months ahead.
  • No children under six are allowed. 
  • Children ages six and above may attend but must be accompanied by an adult.
  • Parents should note that nudity is included in the “Féérie” show.

About Moulin Rouge

The Moulin Rouge is one of the most famous cabaret venues in the world, renowned for its spectacular shows featuring French cancan dancers, elaborate costumes, sets, and lighting.

Opened in 1889, the Moulin Rouge has become an enduring symbol of Parisian nights and cabaret culture. 

Its dazzling performances in the district of Montmartre, with the trademark red windmill, continue to attract audiences from around the world for an iconic Parisian experience.

Over 130 years later, the theater still hosts over 600,000 visitors annually for shows like the “Féérie.” 

This landmark showcases extravagant French production value with 80 musicians, 60 chorus singers, and 100 performers donning 1,000 handmade costumes.

Audiences can dine at intimate tables and sip champagne while reveling in the sights and sounds of the legendary cabaret.

Today, Moulin Rouge productions carry on the rich legacy and enchanting allure of Paris’s nightlife. 

Moulin Rouge Timings

The Moulin Rouge cabaret performs two shows daily, at 9 pm and 11 pm, respectively.

Each lively two-hour performance features extravagant costumes, dancing, and music.

For the 9 pm show, guests can enter the theater starting at 8 pm. For the 11 pm performance, entry begins at 10:45 pm.

The dinner and show package is a 4-hour event beginning at 7 pm sharp. Arrive at 6:45 pm to allow time to be seated. 

Dinner starts at 7 pm at the Belle Epoque-style theater with a three-course meal.

After dinner, the cabaret show starts at 9 pm. The evening concludes around 11 pm at the end of the show.

To better understand Moulin Rouge timings, refer to the summarized version of the Moulin Rouge Show Schedule.

Moulin Rouge Show Schedule:

Show Times:

  • Two shows daily at 9 pm and 11 pm.
  • Each show lasts for 2 hours.

General Entry:

  • For the 9 pm show, visitors can enter starting at 8 pm.
  • For the 11 pm show, entry begins at 10:45 pm.

Upgraded Experience (Show + Dinner):

  • Total duration: 4 hours.
  • Starts at 7 pm.
  • Entry for upgraded experience at 6:45 pm.
  • Dinner is served at 7 pm.
  • The show starts at 9 pm and lasts for 2 hours.

This way, you can plan your visit accordingly, whether attending one of the regular shows or opting for the enhanced experience with dinner included. 

Getting There

The Moulin Rouge is located in the Pigalle neighborhood of Paris at 82 Boulevard de Clichy, 75018 Paris.

The nearest Métro stations are Blanche (Line 2) and Pigalle (Lines 2 and 12), both about a 5-10 minute walk from the cabaret.

You can also take bus lines 54 or 68, which stop outside Moulin Rouge.

Taxis and rideshares frequently service the area as well.

Check out the best ways to reach Moulin Rouge. 


How much are tickets for the Moulin Rouge in Paris?

The basic ticket for Moulin Rouge €175 for adults between 6 and 99 years.
While the children below six are not allowed. This basic ticket also includes a complimentary half-bottle of champagne. 

Is Moulin Rouge worth it Paris?

Yes, Moulin Rouge’s dazzling cabaret shows and décor make it a quintessential Paris experience worth the cost.

Is Moulin Rouge Paris Adults Only?

No, children between 6 and 18 are allowed inside Moulin Rouge, but an adult must accompany them.

Can you buy Moulin Rouge tickets at the door?

You can buy tickets at the door, but booking in advance is recommended as tickets for Moulin Rouge get sold months in advance.

How many hours is the Moulin Rouge show?

The show itself runs for 2 hours. With dinner, plan for a 4-5 hour Moulin Rouge evening.

How many shows does Moulin Rouge have, and what are their names?

Moulin Rouge has two shows daily, at 9 am and 11 pm respectively.
The name of the show is “Féerie.” 

What is the dress code for Moulin Rouge?

Men should wear a collared shirt, trousers, and dress shoes. Jackets are recommended but not required.
Women should wear elegant dresses or gowns along with dress shoes. Casual clothing like shorts, sneakers, and flip-flops are not permitted.

Can you take photos or videos during the show?

Camera, photography or video recording is not allowed once the show begins to protect the theatrical performance rights.

What kind of food is served at Moulin Rouge dinner shows?

You can select from authentic French menus ranging from traditional to vegetarian. Common dishes include foie gras, beef bourguignon, coq au vin chicken, and chocolate mousse for dessert.

How far in advance should Moulin Rouge tickets be purchased?

Tickets often sell out four to six months in advance, especially for weekend performances. Purchase your tickets as early as possible.

Is there an age limit or dress code for children?

A: Children under six are not permitted. Children over six years may attend but must adhere to the evening dress code. An adult must accompany the children.

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