Moulin Rouge Restrictions

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Moulin Rouge Restrictions

Embark on a journey through time with Moulin Rouge, a historic landmark since 1889. 

As you prepare to immerse yourself in its iconic ambiance, educate yourself about the venue’s key restrictions. 

These Moulin Rogue restrictions are intended to ensure safety and compliance, which are crucial for a memorable Moulin Rouge experience.

1. Moulin Rouge age restriction – Children under six are not allowed.

Children under the age of 6 are not permitted to attend Moulin Rouge shows.

However, children aged 6 and above but under 18 may attend as long as an adult accompanies them. 

It is important to note that the “Féérie” show at Moulin Rouge may contain scenes with nudity.

2. You need to follow the Moulin Rouge dress code. 

You need to follow the Moulin Rouge dress code. 
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The Moulin Rouge has a dress code that requires stylish attire. 

That doesn’t mean its compulsory for men to wear a jacket or tie; however, they are appreciated. 

However, shorts, flip-flops, sportswear, and sports shoes are prohibited. 

This dress code helps to create a sophisticated and elegant ambiance in the cabaret. 

3. Smoking is prohibited inside Moulin Rouge. 

Smoking within the Moulin Rouge premises is strictly forbidden.

Guests must refrain from lighting up cigarettes or any smoking materials indoors.

The Moulin Rouge enforces a strict no-smoking policy inside to ensure the comfort and safety of all patrons.

4. All the Cabaret Shows in Moulin Rouge are in the French language

Although the show is in French, people who do not speak the language can still enjoy it. 

The Moulin Rouge welcomes visitors from around the world, and the visual show and performances surpass language barriers, ensuring that everyone can appreciate the show’s beauty and creativity.

5. Photography is not allowed inside Moulin Rouge.

Taking pictures, videos, or records during the performance is strictly prohibited to preserve copyright and security. 

Inside the Moulin Rouge, visitors can purchase photos taken by professional photographers as souvenirs of their visit.

6. No Pets are allowed inside Moulin Rouge Paris.

Certified guide dogs and assistance animals accompanying guests with disabilities are permitted inside Moulin Rouge.

Other animals than guide dogs are not permitted.

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