What is the most famous cabaret in Paris?

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The most famous and iconic cabaret in Paris is undoubtedly the Moulin Rouge. 

Located in the charming Montmartre neighborhood, this iconic space is the oldest ongoing cabaret in the city.

A red windmill adorns it, and has been a hub of entertainment since its founding in 1889.

Why is Moulin Rouge considered the best cabaret in Paris?

For more than 130 years, the Moulin Rouge has been on top as Paris’s best cabaret. 

It is an essential part of the city’s culture and has gained recognition for several reasons:

Historical Significance 

The Moulin Rouge stands as a timeless symbol of the Parisian cabaret scene.

It is a global icon recognized even by those who have never stepped foot in its glorious halls. 

Its signature red windmill adorning the Montmartre skyline is an example of lively entertainment.

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Famed Can-Can Dancers

The charm of Moulin Rouge is enhanced by its iconic dancers, the Doriss Girls.

They are known for their incredible yet sensual can-can performances, including high kicks and dazzling splits. 

Their stunning costumes and athletic performances have fascinated audiences for generations.

Spectacular Shows 

The shows at Moulin Rouge are beyond amazing. 

It encompasses over 1000 gorgeous costumes, immersive sets, stunning dancers, acrobatics, live music, and other elements.

Each show promises an unforgettable experience, combining visual richness with unmatched entertainment.

Longevity and Consistency 

Moulin Rouge remains rooted in classic cabaret traditions while adopting the latest trends. 

It has maintained its loyalty to providing excellent entertainment year after year, drawing sold-out crowds with its eternal charm.

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What shows does Moulin Rouge offer?

Féerie,” Moulin Rouge’s signature show, features diverse artists highlighting multiple themes through dance, musical performances,  comedy, and visuals.

Throughout this performance, the legendary can-can dancers captivate audiences with their amazing performances.

In addition to the main show, Moulin Rouge occasionally hosts seasonal productions for holidays. 

What are the cabaret shows at Moulin Rouge?

The main cabaret shows and productions at Moulin Rouge include:


This is Moulin Rouge’s primary show, and it is very popular. It is all about magic, movies, parties, and more. 

It is considered the best show there, combining old French cabaret with modern effects to create a truly stunning spectacle.

Seasonal shows

They occasionally conduct special shows such as Christmas, Halloween, and Valentine’s Day.

One-off events/Galas 

Occasional events and galas grace the Moulin Rouge stage, often featuring guest celebrities and performers.

These events are one-of-a-kind and add excitement to the regular performances.

What are the timings for shows at Moulin Rouge?

The “Féerie” evening show usually starts at 9 pm, running around an hour and a half till 11 pm, with a 20-minute break.

Guests can catch the show after their meal by making reservations for late dining at Le Premier and La Belle Epoque, the on-site restaurants of Moulin Rouge.

How can you get tickets for Moulin Rouge? 

To secure tickets for Moulin Rouge, it is highly recommended to book online in advance. 

The Moulin Rouge Tickets usually start at €105 (US$ 115).

The seating options range from orchestra stalls to balcony tiers, luxury booths, and private lounges to accommodate visitors.

It is also possible to reserve champagne in advance for consumption during the show.

What are other famous cabarets in Paris besides Moulin Rouge?

Although Moulin Rouge has a special place in people’s hearts.

There are other well-known cabarets in Paris that provide unforgettable experiences. 

Le Crazy Horse captivates viewers with its avant-garde performances. 

Paradis Latin, on the other hand, offers dinner theaters alongside cabaret entertainment.


In conclusion, Moulin Rouge’s “Féerie” show captures the essence of Parisian cabaret.

It’s the best place to experience unique French entertainment and immerse yourself in the ambiance. 

Perfect for anyone looking for a fun night out and a taste of Paris’s artistic past you will always remember.

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