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Explore the world of Le Crazy Horse Paris, where glamour, artistry, and creativity combine to offer a unique experience. 

Since 1951, this iconic cabaret has been a symbol of Parisian nightlife, featuring intriguing shows with skilled dancers and stunning visual effects. 

Join us as we explore everything you need to know about Le Crazy Horse Show for an unforgettable evening.

Totally Crazy!

Totally Crazy! At Crazy Horse, Paris celebrates 70 years of glamorous productions with a dazzling 90-minute show that takes audiences to a world of creativity and sensuality. 

The performance features the legendary Crazy Girls, whose colorful and bold acts combine modern style with the classic cabaret feel. 

The show’s creative lighting and projections create an attractive atmosphere, and a seductive crooner leads audiences through various artistic performances. 

Totally Crazy promises a unique entertainment experience that displays the spirit of Parisian nightlife,

About the Acts

The Totally Crazy show consists of six special acts that combine intimacy, creativity, and pure entertainment to celebrate 70 years of glamorous productions.

Let’s look at what each act offers.


A favorite act at Crazy Horse Paris, ‘Attitude’ is a stunning performance that will enchant you. 

Dancers in colorful outfits spin inside big glowing rings, creating a magical sight. 

They use mirrors to make their moves look even more impressive. 

The music by Jacques Morali adds to the magic. 

The dancers spin in large hoops on a dark stage lit by lights, and the mirrors make it feel like a giant music box.

Good Girl

Good Girl is a lively and uplifting performance that will put a smile on your face. 

It adds a fun and playful touch to the cabaret’s atmosphere, making it feel like a wild party. 

The act features a dancer who playfully reveals herself behind sparkling curtains, showing her charm and energy. 

Her costume is glamorous and adorned with pearls that sparkle in the lights. 

The choreography is lively and captivating, showcasing the dancer’s talent. 

This act is a historic part of Crazy Horse, and it has been performed by famous artists like Christina Aguilera.


Voodoo is a captivating act featuring a solo performer whose perfectly shaped legs, covered in colorful stiletto heels, are the show’s highlight. 

The dancer’s legs create their own character as they move to the tune of Wabash Blues, creating sensual and intriguing movements.

The music transforms into vibrant African rhythms, creating a mystical trance-like experience.

Upside Down

Upside Down is a captivating act that will transport you into a mystical world. 

The act uses a play of mirrors to give an illusion of water. 

The dancers’ movements multiply in a kaleidoscope of shapes and curves, supported by lighting effects. 

Directed by Philippe Decoufle, this act pays tribute to Alwin Nikolais (renowned choreographer) with mirror plays and optical illusions.


Scanner is a high-energy and rock ‘n’ roll act that will leave you amazed. 

The performance features five Crazy Girls who are x-rayed on stage, creating stunning visual effects with their curves and movements. 

This sensual and fiery choreography highlights each dancer’s distinct personality.

As their bodies are scanned by light projections with electrifying music, each dancer expresses their own view of femininity with freedom and creativity.

Baby Buns

Baby Buns is a positive and entertaining performance that infuses the stage with nostalgia. 

Created by Alain Bernardin in 1961, this act features the Crazy Girls singing a playful song while wearing costumes that reveal their golden, rounded baby buns. 

The stage is lit with pink polka-dotted light, adding to the playful atmosphere. 

Despite its playful form, Baby Buns has a deeper meaning that connects with audiences and leaves an eternal impression.

About the Dancers

The Crazy Girls

The dancers of Crazy Horse Paris are captivating performers who display elegance, sensuality, and humor on stage. 

Each dancer has a different and captivating presence, from high heels to scarlet red lips. 

These dancers, known by stage names like Hippy Bang Bang and Kika Revolver, represent the legacy of legends like Rita Renoir and Lova Moor. 

Their performances blend dance, artistry, and mystery, drawing audiences with their swinging hips and XXL eyelashes. 

They are more than just dancers; they are strong female role models, and their performances reflect a journey of personal growth and transformation

Le Crazy Horse Tickets

At Le Crazy Horse Paris, you have three ticket options to choose from:

  • Entry Tickets
  • Dinner and Show Tickets
  • VIP Tickets

Entry Ticket

This ticket grants you entry to the cabaret show, where you can enjoy the mesmerizing performances and the unique atmosphere of Crazy Horse Paris.

The ticket for an adult starts at € 184.

Dinner and Show Tickets

This package includes a gourmet dinner at a partnering restaurant before the show. 

Visitors can indulge in delicious cuisine while experiencing the magic of Crazy Horse Paris.

The ticket for an adult starts at € 199.

VIP Tickets

The VIP tour offers a behind-the-scenes look at the cabaret. 

You will have exclusive access to areas that are not open to the general public and learn more about Crazy Horse Paris’ history and insider secrets.

The ticket for an adult starts at € 294.

TicketBooking Link
Paris: Crazy Horse Cabaret ShowBook Now
Paris: Dinner at Ginger Restaurant & Show at Crazy HorseBook Now
Paris: The Crazy Experience: a VIP tour of the CabaretBook Now

Show Times

The Le Crazy Horse Paris has diverse show times, from Sunday to Friday, at 8 pm and 10.30 pm. 

On Saturdays, there are three showtimes: 7 pm, 9.30 pm, and 11.45 pm for a nighttime show.

To learn more about the show times, click here

Dress Code

At Crazy Horse Paris, the dress code is chic and stylish. 

Men should wear a well-fitted suit with a shirt and trousers, and women can choose from cocktail dresses, chic jumpsuits, or stylish skirts and blouses. 

To learn more about the dress code and other details, visit here


1. What is Le Crazy Horse Paris?

Le Crazy Horse Paris is an iconic cabaret known for its glamorous and artistic performances, featuring skilled dancers and stunning visual effects.

2. How long has Le Crazy Horse Paris been around?

Le Crazy Horse Paris has been a symbol of Parisian nightlife since 1951, offering interesting shows that blend sensuality and creativity.

3. How many acts are there in the Totally Crazy show?

There are a total of six acts in the Totally Crazy show. 

Each act offers a unique and captivating performance.

4. What are the showtimes at Le Crazy Horse Paris?

Le Crazy Horse Paris offers showtimes from Sunday to Friday at 8 pm and 10.30 pm. 

On Saturdays, there are three showtimes: 7 pm, 9.30 pm, and 11.45 pm.

5. What are the different ticket options available at Le Crazy Horse Paris?

Le Crazy Horse Paris offers three ticket options: Entry Tickets, Dinner and Show Packages, and VIP Tours.

6. What is the dress code for Le Crazy Horse Paris?

The dress code at Le Crazy Horse Paris is chic and stylish. 

Men are advised to wear suits, while women can opt for cocktail dresses or stylish skirts and blouses.

7. Is there a minimum age to attend the Le Crazy horse show?

Yes, children aged 10 and over can attend the show along with their parents.

However, the show contains nudity, so parents should consider whether it is appropriate for their children or not.

8. Are there any special experiences available at Le Crazy Horse Paris?

Le Crazy Horse Paris offers special experiences such as backstage tours led by a dancer from the troupe.

It provides insights into the cabaret’s history and performances.

Click here to book your VIP experience.

9. What can I expect from the performances at Le Crazy Horse Paris?

The performances at Le Crazy Horse Paris are known for their elegance, sensuality, and humor. 

The dancers, known as the Crazy Girls, captivate audiences with their artistry and charm.

10. Can I combine a dinner with the show at Le Crazy Horse Paris?

Yes, Le Crazy Horse Paris offers Dinner and Show Packages, allowing guests to enjoy a gourmet meal at a partnering restaurant before the show.

Click here to book your Gourment experience.

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