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We have curated a list of the top Crazy Horse Tickets for a great experience!

Check out ticket descriptions, highlights, inclusions, and cancellation policies to find the perfect ticket to suit your preferences.

Crazy Horse Cabaret Show Tickets

Step into the new ‘Totally Crazy’ show at the famous Crazy Horse Cabaret shows in Paris, and enjoy your evening by selecting on of these four ticket options.

The basic ticket option allows you to experience a sensual show with internationally famous stage dancers carrying unique stage names like Hippy Bang Bang! 

For a more romantic evening, add a glass of crisp champagne to your Crazy Horse Cabaret ticket.

The premium ticket option allows you to add a small canape snack with a half bottle of champagne for each person!

An exclusive experience is also available with a private backstage tour with an English-speaking guide. The tour is followed by cocktails (two glasses of champagne) and delicious petit fours to snack on.

  • Immerse your senses in the glamorous Crazy Cabaret Show.
  • Watch the stunning performances choreographed and performed by professional classical dancers.
  • Have an awe-inspiring show with light and visual projection displays.
  • Get an opportunity to step into the Cabaret dancers’ world by taking a backstage tour.
  • Entrance to the Crazy Horse Cabaret Show 
  • Private guided backstage tour, if option selected

The ticket is available in four different options.

Price for Crazy Horse Cabaret Show

  • Adult ticket (age 99 and below): €119

Price for Crazy Horse Cabaret Show with Champagne

  • Adult ticket (age 99 and below): €159

Price for Crazy Horse Cabaret Show ‘Crazy Premium’ Offer

  • Adult ticket (age 99 and below): €185

Price for Crazy Horse Cabaret Show Tour Experience in English 

  • Adult ticket (age 99 and below): €295

Cancellation Policy 

Fully refundable ticket if you cancel 24 hours before your booked time slot.

Crazy Horse Cabaret Show with Dinner at Ginger Restaurant Tickets

The ticket takes you through the dazzling and sensual Cabaret Show and visual projections with half a bottle of Crazy Horse champagne or any two non-alcoholic drinks of your choice! 

End your romantic and fun night at the Ginger restaurant, a luxurious getaway, and enhance your taste buds with delicious flavors from Southeast Asian Cuisine.

The menu included with this ticket provides:

For starters: 

  • A salad of baby spinach mixed with pine nuts
  • Oil infused with Parmesan and Truffle flavors
  • Avacado and Tuna Tartar 
  • And finally a plate of Chicken fried spring rolls.

For the main course:

  • Sauteed beef with black onions, snow peas, and sesame seeds.
  • Grilled chicken with lemongrass
  • And Tuna tataki with sesame sauce. 


  • Choose between fried rice, noodles, and broccoli. 

For dessert:

  • Lemon sorbet and crystallized ginger.
  • Mochi ice (3 pieces: Vanilla, Chocolate, Mango, Raspberry-Lychee)
  • Coconut milk tapioca with mango.
  • And a soft-serve cake.

The dinner is served with either white or red wine, as per your choice.

  • Watch a cabaret show at the iconic Moulin Rouge theater
  • Enjoy the glamorous and exciting Crazy Horse Cabaret Show!
  • Dine on a delicious dinner before or after the show.
  • Have an authentic Parisian experience.
  • Entry to the Crazy Horse Cabaret Show
  • Half a bottle of champagne or two drinks of your choice.
  • A lavish dinner at Ginger Restaurant (check the dinner timings before booking the ticket) 
  • Water and coffee at the show
  • Wine at dinner
  • Adult ticket (99 years and younger): €200

Cancellation Policy 

Fully refundable if canceled 24 hours in advance

Sunday Crazy Horse Cabaret Show Experience with Champagne Tickets

This ticket takes you on an exclusive show, which is conducted only on Sundays, allowing visitors to dive into the history and the sparkling life of Cabaret dancers! 

A famous professional dancer from the legendary Crazy Horse Cabaret Show troupe will help you explore the behind-the-scenes of the show.  

This is followed by VIP seating at the famous Cabaret Show, which you will see from a new perspective, having discovered the hidden meanings of the performance and its history. 

End your night with an unforgettable performance with a half bottle of champagne or two glasses of soft drinks, as per your choice! 

The experience starts an hour and a half before the Cabaret show.

  • A private tour with Crazy Horse dancers.
  • A secret revealed only to you during this experience.
  • Discover behind-the-scenes preparations.
  • Entrance to the famous Crazy Cabaret show
  • VIP seating 
  • Entry to a private tour given by the most famous dancer in the show
  • Half a bottle of champagne or two glasses of non-alcoholic beverages
  • Snacks

Ticket Price

  • Adult ticket (99 years and younger): €295

Cancellation Policy

The full amount is refunded if you cancel 24 hours in advance

General Information About Moulin Rouge Tickets

  • The shows involve nudity. Hence, check the trailer before booking your show.
  • Smart casuals are acceptable. Avoid wearing sportswear, like shorts, or sneakers or flip-flops. 
  • Children below ten years are not allowed to attend the Crazy Horse Cabaret show. 
  • An adult must accompany children up to 18 years.
  • Photography and video recording are not allowed inside.

About Crazy Horse Paris

The Crazy Horse is one of Paris’s most popular Cabaret shows, with its professional dancers, fun visual and light projections, elaborately choreographed performances, and much more!

Since 1951, the Crazy Horse Cabaret Show, started by Alain Bernardin, has enhanced the nightlife, allowing people to learn more about Parisian culture. 

The show has been featured in many famous films and documentaries and inspired the name of a debut music album by The Paradiso Girls!

The cabaret show welcomes over 150,000 visitors annually, with 12 fabulous sensual dancers and the world-famous shadowplay technique to create mystery and excitement.

Great attention is paid to the lighting, setting, and costume to provide the perfect cabaret show every time at Crazy Horse in Paris. 

Visitors can sip a glass of champagne or a soft drink of their choice and enjoy an entertaining night at the Crazy Horse Cabaret Shows.

Crazy Horse Paris Timings

Two shows run daily, from Sunday to Friday, at 8.30 pm and 10.30 pm, and on Saturday, three shows are available, at 7 pm, 9.30 pm, and 11.45 pm. 

You must arrive at the venue 45 minutes before the show begins so you have enough time to look for your seats and settle down comfortably.

You can see an entertaining musical performance 30 minutes before the Crazy Horse Cabaret Show begins. 

Each Crazy Horse Cabaret show lasts for 90 minutes.

Getting There

Crazy Horse Paris is located on 12 Avenue George inside a stunning Hausmannian building, 75008, Paris. 

The nearest metro stations are Alma-Marceau (line 9) and George V on Franklin Roosevelt station (line 1), two minutes from the cabaret.

You can also take bus lines 42, 63, 72, 80, or 92, which stop at Alma Marceau Metro Station.

Taxis and rideshares are also available to visit the cabaret show.

Check out the best way and route to reach the Crazy Horse Paris show! 


How much are tickets for Crazy Horse Cabaret in Paris?

The basic entry ticket for the Crazy Horse Cabaret shows costs €119. You can also add half a bottle of champagne to your ticket for €159.

Is Crazy Horse in Paris for adults only?

No, children from 10 years to 18 years of age are allowed inside the Crazy Cabaret, but a parent or guardian must accompany them.

Is it worth going to Crazy Horse in Paris?

Yes, the Crazy Horse Cabaret show is known to be one of the most sensual shows in Paris, with its professional dancers, attractive lighting and visual displays, and a promised fun night.

Is there a dress code at Crazy Horse Paris?

You must dress up elegantly when visiting the Crazy Horse in Paris, even though a formal suit and tie are unnecessary. Avoid wearing sportswear, shorts, sneakers, and flip-flops.

How much time do I need at Crazy Horse?

You would require around 2.5 hours at Crazy Horse. You are expected to arrive 45 minutes before the show begins for a musical performance, and every show lasts 90 minutes.

Add some extra time if you are booking the backstage tour or dinner tickets.

Can you buy Crazy Horse Cabaret tickets at the door?

Yes, you can buy Crazy Horse Cabaret tickets at the door on any day of the week, from 2 pm to 10 pm.

Can you take photos or videos during the Crazy Horse Cabaret shows?

No, taking photos and videos during the Crazy Horse Cabaret shows are prohibited.

Is there an age limit for children?

Yes, children below 10 years old are not allowed to attend the Cabaret show. Children from 10 to 18 years of age are allowed only if accompanied by a parent or guardian.

How far in advance should I purchase tickets to the Crazy Horse Cabaret show? 

We recommend you purchase your show tickets four to six months in advance, especially for the weekends—given the show’s popularity, tickets sell out fast.

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